About Crazybiker

Two guys who are closer to Masters license than Junior license.


Some say that men of our age just buy fast cars, motors or brand new TV sets and watch sports.

Maybe… but that is not for us.

We do not sit on a couch with a can of beer in one hand and a remote control in the other. Our activity is not limited to surfing sports channels.

Instead of using four wheels, we use just two. And we put them into motion with the strength of our own muscles.

We are not afraid of long trips, mudslides or MTB marathons.

We live and breathe cycling culture and cycling competition: Giro, Tour, Vuelta, Belgian classics, CX Championship and others.

Somewhere along the way, a new idea came up. Because there is nothing more pleasant than the situation when a passion becomes a way of life.

Out of this passion Crazybiker was born!

We will be glad if you would like to become a part of it!


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